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Attention - NIT Unit Holders

Attention - NIT Unit Holders For Change in Record

Legal Heirs of Deceased Unit Holders

Tax/Zakat Exemption (Institutional Clients)

NIT Sarmayakari Markaz Abbottabad Closure/Merger

Attention NIT Unit Holders & Legal Heirs of Deceased Unit Holders

Dispatch of Interim Dividend Warrant 2016-17

Filer Non-Filer

Book Closure

For Change in Record

Tax Exemptions

Attention NITL Unit Holders

Notice For the NIUT Unit Holder

Dispatch of Interim Dividend Warrant 2015 - 2016 AD



Last Date for Submission of Exemption Certificates

Notice for Change of Record

Notice for NIT Unit Holders For Submission of Copies of CNIC

Notice for NIT Unit Holders

Notice for NIT Unit Holders

Announcement Posting of Financial Statements December 2014

Notice for Unit Holders of NI(U)T Fund

Dispatch of Interim Dividend Warrants 2013-2014

NIT Announces Interim Dividend

Notice For emailing Annual Financial Statement

Security Notification (S.R.O.)

Notice for change in Dealing Method in NIUT
Notice for change in Dealing Method in NIT-GBF & NIT-IF
Interim Dividend for the year ended 30-06-2014

Attention NIT - Institutional Unit Holders

Notice for Bearer Unit Holder of National Investment (Unit) Trust

Change of Trustee National Investment (Unit) Trust

Merger of NIT University Road Branch, Karachi with NIT Civic Centre Branch, Karachi

NIT Announces Dividend

NIT Announces Book Closure

Notice for NIT's Bearer Unit Holders

Non Deduction of Withholding Tax / Zakat from dividend income 2012-13 for Corporate Unit Holders (English / Urdu)

Dividend Warrants 2011-12 Dispatched (English / Urdu)

Institutional Tax/Zakat Exemption (English / Urdu)

Individual Zakat Declaration (CZ-50) (English / Urdu)

Change of Options (English / Urdu)

Information for NI(U)T Holders (English / Urdu)

Notice for Car Advertisement

Tender Notice

Notice for Scrap

Notice to Registered Unit Holders (English / Urdu)

Notice for Corporate Unit Holders (English / Urdu)

Placement of Annual Account on NIT's Website

Dividend Distribution Notice for NIT's Unit Holders (English / Urdu)

Dividend Announcement (English / Urdu)

Tender Notice