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Formed in 1962, National Investment Trust Limited (NITL) is Pakistan’s first & largest Asset Management Company. As of March 31st, 2024, NIT had over approximately 129.084 billion in Assets under Management serving over 52,852 unit holders. NIT has established a strong national distribution network which comprises of 27 Branches including an Investor Facilitation Centre & customer call center at Karachi & various Authorized Bank Branches all across Pakistan as its distributors. NIT has also launched an online application allowing its customers to interact with it for a range of services.

The NITL was established as a Trust which was constituted under the Trust Deed dated 12th November 1962, executed between National Investment Trust Ltd (NITL) as Management Company and National Bank of Pakistan as Trustee. However, subsequently, Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDCPL) was appointed as the new Trustee of NIUT Fund with the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The change was finalized vide 7th supplemental Trust Deed dated 1st April, 2014 executed between National Investment Trust Limited (NITL) as Management Company and Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDCPL) as Trustee with effect from 16th May, 2014.


Our Investment Philosophy is both unit holder centric and market centric.  We provide a range of savings and investment products to our unit holders to match their risk appetites and wealth creation aspirations.  At the same time as market makers we take our role as long term developers and custodian of the Pakistan equity markets seriously.  We are ‘long only’ value based investors with a long investment horizon.  However, to cater to the needs of our diverse unit holders we also offer Asset Allocation and ETF products as well as a full range of fixed income and pension products.