The National Investment Unit Trust (NIUT) is the Pakistan’s largest and oldest Mutual Fund. As on December 31, 2013, NIUT had funds under management of around Rs. 54.04 billion invested in over 385 listed companies and had approximately 51,087 unit holders. NITL's distribution network comprises of 23 NIT branches, various Authorized bank branches all over Pakistan. The Trust constituted under the Trust Deed dated 12th November 1962, executed between National Investment Trust Ltd (NITL) as Management Company and National Bank of Pakistan as Trustee.


Investment objective & strategy


The core objective of NIT is to maximize returns for Unit holders, provide a regular stream of current income through dividends, while long term growth is achieved by the management of diversified portfolio and investments into growth and high yielding equity securities.

It is an Open End Equity Fund and may invest in stocks listed on any stock exchange in Pakistan.




Fund Manager Report


Price/NAV History


Risk disclosure


All Investments in Mutual Funds and Securities are subject to Market Risks. Our target return/dividend range cannot be guaranteed. NIT's unit price is neither guaranteed nor administered/managed. It is based on Net Asset Value (NAV) and the NAV of NIT Units may go up or down depending upon the factors and forces affecting the Stock Market. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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